Switch doesn’t support optical fiber output while how to compared with PS4 and Xbox One S?

After Wii perhaps because there is no design cost problem and optical output, but the sound has highest is virtual surround sound output.For the Wii, virtual surround sound enough. Nintendo now seems to also do not support the Switch base fiber port output audio, have to say LaoRen also enough unique to save the cost, if so, how to compared with PS4 and Xbox One S ?

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According to reports coming from the foreign players on the NeoGAF, the Switch does not support optical output, if you don’t support HDMI 5.1 surround sound, only the fiber ports, so unable to connect to the Switch also.

In addition to the Switch, the strengthening of SONY’s latest edition host PS4 Pro also does not support optical output audio. Foreign media analysis of the reason not to join, mainly because the port is too old, will increase the cost of the machine.
But at present the standard version PS4 and Xbox One S support optical output, so it is also a Switch behind the two rivals another aspect of the host.The Switch will go on sale on March 3rd, priced at $300.


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