To meet Australia’s National Day: Microsoft launched giant inflatable Xbox One S handle

To celebrate Australia day, Microsoft Australian company launched a new “giant inflatable” Xbox One S wireless controller model.Consumers only need to be done in Microsoft Xbox official FaceBook messages, express for the blessings of Australia’s National Day.It is a chance to get the unique giant handles with Xbox one s skin covers.

Because Australia has built a giant object to celebrate National Day tradition, giant inflatable Xbox controller also makes sense. Such as the Big Banana bananas, Big merino sheep, and so on.

“Limited edition Xbox One S handle and now we use the Xbox One with the Xbox One S are incompatible, and any parts don’t belong to the Xbox even close, but this giant can grip and a swimming pool, beach and fresh water lake in bring out the best in each other, help you through the summer.”
Giant inflatable Microsoft Xbox One S handle specifications:
Two drinks beverage holder
Be able to float
Angry can safely at the TV set
Greater than Xbox controller feeling restoring ancient ways
Without charge and do not contain batteries

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