Why Xbox One not be popular in Japan? Microsoft: they have “king of benevolence”

Compared to European and American area, Microsoft Xbox One host brand in Japan is not so loud, sales, of course, also not satisfactory. The Xbox boss Phil Spencer in an interview with Japanese media inevitably asked “how Japan Xbox One dismal sales” this slightly awkward question recently.Take a look at him is how to answer it.

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“Xbox One sales in Japan we originally did not achieve the desired. It is a sad story,” Phil Spencer said: “but believe that will be landed at the end of the Japanese Xbox One S can let’s comeback in a city. After all, thanks to it, our host has for months sales in North America and Britain in the first on the list. Combined with extensive cooperation with Japanese developers are gradually unfolds, we believe that the future we will in the Japanese market’s performance and now has a big difference.”

For this kind of phenomenon the reason behind, Phil Spencer also give an explanation: “I think this is mainly because the Xbox released One platform wasn’t the Japanese players to play those games that they seem to prefer such as” the goddess YiWen record the Persona (5) “and” benevolence (Nioh) king “this kind of work.This is also our contact with the developers in Japan before and for the Xbox 360” Blue Dragon (Blue Dragon) “and” Lost Odyssey (Lost Odyssey), such as the cause of the game. If the Xbox One want to do something in the Japanese game market, we must develop the local players like.”
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In addition, Phil Spencer also talked about his views on the field of VR: “market now there are many different kinds of VR headsets, such as what Oculus Rift, HTC Vive ah, but in my opinion, their adaptation is often console, if want to experience such a varied assortment of VR games is a very hard, after all, the PC hardware specifications. But considering the VR games developers already know very well the characteristics of the host, and there are many means to cut costs, so in the short term future in the field of VR is worth waiting for.”

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